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Savi Organics

Savi Australia has a long history of producing exquisite ranges of organic body & skin care for family needs.

Founded as Margaret River Savi, in 2003 it was our aim to create ranges of organic beauty and health products to suit everyone’s needs & wellbeing desires.

From 2014 we have taken it a step further and all of our products are now certified to international Cosmetic Certified Organic Standard short COSMOS. 

As you will find a NON-GMO policy included in this standard, we would like to clarify that this is part of the very stringent testing of Certified Organic Raw Material crops to be used under the COSMOS standard. The testing performed to detect GMO traces can vary from Certifier to Certifier.
Let us give you an example of this; In strong wind conditions bees can get carried down wind from a NON - certified to a certified farming crop. These bees might carry pollen from the non certified crop - leaving traces behind which may or may not be detected in the finished raw materials, which will depend on the testing performed to suit different standards.
This clause is a very important part for certified organic Farmers - as GMO-modified crops are threatening their livelihood on daily bases. If you do have any questions in regards to this topic please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to listen and discuss any concerns.
By utilising the finest certified organic ingredients, packaging our goods into bio-degradable packaging, following a strong believe in supporting our environment, ensuring raw materials are from fair trade and sustainable sources and ensuring all of our products meet a low irritancy ratings we are working on a different approach towards a better & organic future for generations to come. 
The Savi Team is constantly researching therapeutic potential of plants, herbs, essential oils and extracts, with a view to producing the finest selection of organic skincare products available for your wellbeing. Our view is the intent behind the product is just as important as the ingredients themselves. 
All of our products are hand crafted, blended, whipped, wrapped, poured, polished and labelled with the intent of packaging wellbeing for everyone.